A Practice with a Purpose!

Located in downtown Clarion, our law firm features Attorney John P. Troese.

After graduating from Cleveland Law School Magna Cum Laude, John has sat for the bar exam and finished in the top 8% of the state. Since then, John has served as representation to over 1,000 clients. As far as knowledge and experience, there can be no question that Attorney John P. Troese is an exceptional choice and a hidden gem in Clarion County, Pennsylvania.

John sought his dream of practicing law to faithfully serve the people while contributing to ethical standards of practice. John’s belief in ensuring and holding the government to the oath to uphold The Constitution, sets the course in all that he does.

As a member of the Pennsylvania Bar Association, John’s unwavering integrity drives him to pursue true justice in Clarion County through a diligent interpretation of the law.

Not Just A Lawyer

Outside of the legal realm, Attorney John P. Troese is a true family man. In his free time, he cherishes his moments spent with his wife and children. You could call him a “‘Jack’ of all Trades” for his love of gardening, reading, bicycling, camping, making music, and tackling little home improvement projects.

Let Attorney John P. Troese guide you through the current law and standard for family law, trusts, wills, estates, divorce, criminal law, real estate, litigation, and more!

With over 10 years of legal expertise, a team ready to work for you, and tremendous empathy for all those who seek his aid, Attorney Troese is the Clarion lawyer you require.