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For over 10 years, Troese Law has served the people, families, and businesses across Northwestern Pennsylvania. We strive to provide the best possible representation to you.

Troese Law, A Clarion County Firm

At Troese Law, we stand by our clients with dedication, purpose, and integrity. We understand that it’s not essential to make history with each case. You are what’s important. Your case is our cause, and we stand firmly behind doing what’s necessary to make things right for your situation. Are we the right fit for your case? Give us a call. Let’s talk about it.

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Benefits Working With John Troese, Attorney at Law

Our firm’s purpose is simple–to be the voice of the people

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Targeted Approach

We offer knowledgeable and competent legal representation that focuses on the main areas of law that affect families in our community. Troese Law provides expert legal services in Clarion County & Surrounding areas, focusing on elder law, estate planning, custody, business law, and real estate, as well as other areas.

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Client Oriented Solutions

We know that lawyers do not practice law in a vacuum and that our clients need a practical, business-oriented approach to lawyering. In addition to providing our clients with strategic and practical advice, we also develop creative solutions to best accomplish our clients’ overall objectives.

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Agile and Responsive

We understand that things move quickly, and so do we. At Troese Law, we are agile, nimble, and flexible. We focus service oriented and focus on providing each of our clients with the personalized attention they deserve. We work hard to ensure that we exceed our clients’ deadlines and expectations in all respects.

We believes that clients’ success determines our own!

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Why Do Pennsylvanians Need a Will?

Don’t die without a Will: Secure your assets for your intended beneficiaries The April 2016 death of 57-year-old iconic musician Prince was tragic and unexpected. Fans around the world were devastated.  An unexpected death can bring more grief upon a

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